22nd Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Yes, I was there on day 3, at Omni Aviation Complex, Clarkfield in Pampanga, during 22nd Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2018. The event started on February 8, 2018 and ended on February 11, 2018. I love to see the Hot Air Balloons as it goes up, up and away from the grounds. So beautiful, so colorful!

In the weekend that everything that flies, there are plenty to do at the festival site.

  • Watch everything that flies in the sky.
  • Picture taking with mascots
  • Drop by at any photo booth and have a cute remembrance of it.
  • Fall in line and get some freebies. (One of my favorites, hehehe)
  • Eat at your favorite stall.
  • Buy souvenirs. (I bought a ref magnet and a shirt.)
  • Watch concert.
Some of the freebies that I got


It feels so good to watch the Tandem Paragliding. I am really amazed watching the breathtaking performance of the Aerosuperbatics Wing Walkers¬†.¬† I didn’t experience the fun of flying, but, I enjoyed being on the grounds. Simply because I just enjoyed watching everything that flies above me, food tripping is so good and of course, I had a great time looking at those colorful souvenirs as well.

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