Bea just moved up with awards! So, where to celebrate?

In Aqua Planet!

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Well, from our own extra earnings, we decided to use it as a treat for her. Supposed to be, we are going to hire a van, but, my husband suggested that he will just drive us from La Union to Clark. We woke up as early as 3:30 AM and started to travel at 4:30 AM. Then we arrived at 8 AM in Aqua Planet. At first, we are really worried about the time, we are praying that there are still available slots for us. As what we have read from the reviews, there are advised that if they reached the maximum capacity, they will no longer accept guests. Upon entering the gate, I asked the security guard, if they reach already the capacity, but he replied, nothing to worry because they haven’t yet reached maximum capacity. Wow, Thank God! We are lucky then. Because of the hot weather, my hubby decided not to enter and go with us in the Water Park. But no worries for that, because Aqua Park has a wide and shady parking lot where he can take a rest for a while.

So there you go, 1 of the squad, went to the Ticketing Counters to pay our entrance fee, and while waiting, we took our time to read what are written in their policy board, in order to familiarize ourselves with their rules and regulations. Then after paying our entrance fee, they gave us wristband. Yes! Our way to a, w-a-t-e-r-r-i-f-i-c adventure.

What to wear:

1. Proper swimming attire is required. You can wear any swimming attire like swimsuits, rash guards, or board shorts. Just be sure there are no zipper, metals or sharp object on it that can destroy their flotation devices.
2. Hat and shades are okay to bring. While roaming the area, you can use this as protection for the sunlight, but still, before swimming or sliding, they will tell you to remove it.
3. Life Jackets are available inside the park. You can wear this if necessary, you don’t have to bring your own.

Looks like I am excited? Yes I am!

Our first ride is the Lazy River. We love the feeling of total relaxation here. While sitting on a water floater, you are just going with the flow of the current as it moves you swiftly and smoothly around the central island. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim, just use a lifevest. Life vest are every

One of the WOW attractions here is the Flow Rider. We are not brave enough to try the Flow Rider. We didn’t take the challenge to surf on the wave from the choices of the stand up board or lay-down board because it’s quite hard.

The SPIRAL RIDE is our family’s favorite ride. You can choose where to slide from their 4 spacious slides. Each slide has different speed and course. Since, this is quite easy for us and there will be two person riding in the canoe, the squad experienced all the slides in Spiral, from slow to faster courses.

Ready, get, set, go! Time to race in the Octopus Racer. The ride can be enjoyed by groups or solo. You will pass from loops to tunnels and you will finish it with thrilling experience.

When the Boogie Bay turns into a leisure pool, the squad rest for a moment after beating the current on the right side of the bay. The Boogie Bay is a large body of water with a dual-wave. If you are adventurous, take the right side, and take the left side if you just simply like to enjoy in a calm and relaxing wave.

We didn’t try the Aqua Loop. Hehehe! Looks like scary. Actually, sa area ng table namin, tanaw na tanaw namin ang Aqua Loop, ang daming hindi nakaka finish ng course at may labasan doon pag di sya nagtuloy tuloy. Kaya natatawa kami, may iba pa isisigaw, Success! akala nya labasan na siguro yon pala, bumalik lang sya. Kailangan kase dito less clothes talaga para continue ang bagsak. Pero, exciting pa rin ang attaction na eto ha.

Best to go here? Weekdays! No hassle for us. No long lines for the food and rides, that’s why we come on repeating some of our favorites. And also, so many chairs to rest on.

Thank you Aqua Planet for the wonderful experience! The squad really had a great time this summer. Your crews are so nice. Indeed a waterrific day! Anyways, it’s good to gather all our pictures and put into album in Photobook PH

Planning for a trip at Aqua Planet?

Guides to Remember:

1. They use height as the basis for admission. – Below 48″ the price is PHP 750 and PHP 950 for 48″ and above. A 20% discount is given PWD & Senior Citizen. (Don’t forget to bring Id to avail the discount.) Guest will still pay even they are going to try the rides or swim in the park.
2. Food and beverage are not allowed inside the park. – There are food outlets inside. You just need to pay them by using your loaded wristband. I suggest, from the ticketing counter, it is better if you load money in your wristband already. So that upon entering into the park, if you want to buy something or use it in any other way, you will just tap it. No hassle in going back to the loading area. Loaded money can be refundable.
3. Lockers are available for rent. – You can rent per locker for PHP 200 for 1 whole day. No worries for your valuable stuffs.
4. Complimentary tables and chairs with green umbrella are available around the area. – This is a first come, first served basis.
5. For bigger groups, there are cabanas and decks for rental. – For Beach Cabanas and Bubblies Cabanas, the price is PHP 3,500 with 15 pax capacity. And for Island Cabanas, the price is PHP 5,000 with a capacity of 25 pax. All cabanas are subject to availability, and are availed on a first come first served basis.

Anyway, no overnight stay. You can look in Agoda if you like to book a hotel nearby.
AQUA PLANET is open Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Bounded by J.P. Rizal Avenue, J.P. Laurel Avenue and Prince Balagtas Avenue
Clark, Pampanga

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