Day Hike at Mt. Kabugbugan

One fine day, my family and I woke up early around 5:00 in the morning and went to Mt. Kabugbugan for hiking. We had so much fun while we are walking, though our body is aching because we are not used to it.

Just follow the trail.

Mt. Kabugbugan is located in Bauang, La Union. There are to ways to get there. Passing either in Barangay Palugsi or Barangay Santa Monica.

Hikers ahead of us.

If you plan to hike, gear up! Wear something good, and comfy. A relaxed fit clothing is safe to wear. You’ll be climbing hills or rocky mountains. Don’t wear too much fabric that will give you discomfort.

What to wear for a day hike on hot weather place?

  • comfortable shoes for hiking
  • socks
  • comfy shorts or pants
  • quick dry t-shirts
  • hat
  • bandana
  • sunglasses
  • Backpack
  • watch
  • light jacket


What to bring for a day hike? Here is my top 10 lists.

  1. Water– A must have.
  2. Sunscreen– Have a second apply to the skin after stepping out from your house.
  3. Food– Bring some snacks.
  4. First Aid Kit– Includes of band-aids,
  5. Trekking poles or stick– Sometimes, I just bring my 4 and a half sturdy slim bamboo stick. My walking companion to help me balance in going up or going down from a hilly part.
  6. Safety items like compass, light and whistle.
  7. Wet tissue, toilet paper and a small plastic or paper bag for disposing. In hiking, drinking plenty of water is good for the body. But when nature calls, don’t be shy to use the “green door”and look for place where you can hide yourself. Remember to stay away few meters away from the trail or from water sources.
  8. Gadgets – Though I usually use my smart phone for taking pictures, I still bring another extra camera. And of course my self stick.
  9. Mat– When you feels like stopping, or reach the peak, what about rolling out your mat, sit, relax and just enjoy the scenery.
  10. Money – You’ll never know, you’ll need to stop on a cafe on your way home. It’s good to treat yourself after a nice and fun hiking.

Having an adventure is good, but remember to stop when you feel really tired. There are some trees where you can use as a shade.

Obvious ba? I am tired.
Photo credits to my cousin Ghe.

Wow! Is the word that we can utter when we finally reach the top of Mt. Kabugbugan, or the local call it “little Mt. Pulag”. Indeed an amazing view! Fronting the west, we can see here the view of Lingayen Gulf. And the other side of where we are, we see different sizes of mountains with luscious green sceneries. We are so relaxed because we also heard different sounds of birds.

We love nature!

Anyway, on our way going back, we also pick up some trash thrown by some hikers who are not responsible enough of their waste. Actually, we show it to the person who is assigned in the registry area. I hope people will go here will not leave any traces of garbage.

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