Halo-Halo Treat

Just a mix thought of mine.

Yes! It’s the season of summer.
Can’t help myself but to treat some of my friends.
Ooops! I’ve got to be ready then…
Because I need to prepare something yummy for them.

I need a nice glass and put various of fruits on it.
I’ll smash an ice, in order to make a shaved ice, out of it.
I will add a teaspoon of sugar as a sweetener.
And pour an evaporated milk to make it tastier.

Oh yeah, I will also sprinkle it with toasted “Pinipig”
And top it with Leche Flan and a slice of Ube too.
And definitely, a scoop of ice cream to top it all.
A superb dessert..that surely my friends will love it!

Refreshing! Halo Halo is the best food to beat the heat of the day!
Indeed, it’s also a good treat for my friends for this summer… for them to freshen up more.

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