As a catholic devotee, every holy week, my family and I, usually visit  churches or more than, for our Visita Iglesia tradition. This 2017, we only visited 6 churches and 1 grotto.  “Visita Iglesia” or church visit is a Catholic tradition that we do during the Lenten Season.  We usually recite 2 Stations of the Cross for every church that we visit.

The first church that we visited is Saint Christopher Parish Church and it is located at BarangayPoblacion, National Highway, Bangar, La Union. There are three bell towers in the church.  According to Wikipedia, “It is the only church in Northern Luzon and possibly in the entire Philippines to have three bell towers.”
The ceiling was beautifully painted with mural paintings. While slowly, walking inside the church, we are also looking up at the ceiling and, I am talking softly, explaining to the kids about the stories of what is painted on it.

Santa Catalina de Alejandria Church

Santa Catalina de Alejandrea Parish Church is the second church that we visited. Located at Barangay Victoria, Luna, La Union. This church is  known as Our Lady of Namacpacan and it is also known as the patroness of Ilocano travelers. During Maundy Thursday, there are some images already of Patron Saints or images that depicts the 14 Stations of the Cross,  these are placed outside the church and, devotees are busy decorating flowers on it. We also go near it and offer a little prayer.

San Nicolas de Tolentino Church
Bell tower next to the church

Next church we visited is San Nicolas de Tolentino Church. It is located in Poblacion, Balaoan, La Union.  A separate bell tower is found adjacent to the church.


Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

Then we dropped by and prayed at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto located along National Highway, Balaoan, La Union.


The facade of Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church

For the fifth church, we visited Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church. It is located in Poblacion, Bacnotan, La Union.

Then, for the sixth church is Saint John the Baptist, located at San Juan, La Union. There was a mass going on inside, that’s why we attended it first, before we solemnly pray for 9th and 10th Stations of the Cross.

The facade of Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church

Then, the last church that we visited for our last 2 station of the cross is Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church located at Central East, Bauang, La Union.

And we thank the Lord, as always.



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