It’s a warm sunny day! The sun is smiling so bright and so are we. Me and my friends are so excited when we had our banca ride at Project Bakawan, an eco-tourism mangrove park, located in Barangay Pudoc and Parian Oeste, Bauang, La Union.  This is a very raw eco-tourism mangrove park. And, there are different species of mangrove trees around the area.

We rented a boat amounting P450.00. We have two guides with us. Anyway, since  water is not so deep and we know how to swim, we opted for using life jackets. Anyhow, I should wear the life jacket.

I do really appreciate places with mangroves because it helps our environment. Mangroves protect our shorelines from big storms, winds and waves and also floods. With its tangled root systems, it protects the soil to erode. And it also helps to filter and it traps any pollutants from sediments originating from the land.

My other companions enjoying mangrove sightseeing and banca ride.

Some locals happily waving at us while we are on the ride.

Along our boat ride, we saw some local folks, fishing. A very simple livelihood among the locals in the area.

While we are on the ride, there are some fishermen showing their seafood harvest on a pail. What I saw are, fresh oysters and “Unnok”.  An “Unnok”,  is a freshwater mullusk that grows in freshwater or rivers. This is usually found in rivers close to the coastlines.

Going back, our view is more amazing because we have a beautiful view of the mountains. Well, visiting Project Bakawan in a banca ride is just one of the adventure that you can do in the town of Bauang.

My happy feet!

Have you tried going to an eco-tourism mangrove park? If not, go and explore now! Don’t forget to invite your friends or your family.

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