Pork Kebabs


Barbecue is something that I always crave for.

For the marinade:
3/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup kalamansi juice
1 small onion, minced
3 medium cloves of garlic, minced or pressed
1/2 tsp. ground ginger
1/2 tsp. pepper
3 Tbsp. Pineapple juice (get the juice from the can of pineapple chunks)
3 Tbsp.  Oyster Sauce
For the fruit and veggies:
1 small can pineapple chunks
2 medium red bell peppers, cut into 1-inch pieces
3 medium white onions, peeled and cut into quarter
2 Tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
1 kilo boneless pork chops, cut into 1 inch cubes
Wooden skewers (soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before use)
For garnishing:
slices of carrots, cabbage, onions and tomatoes, lemon juice
1 small cabbage
1. To marinate, place all marinade ingredients in a medium mixing bowl and whisk to combine. Mix well until the sugar is dissolved. Toss in the pork, coating it evenly with the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours.
2. Meanwhile, toss the fruit and veggies with 1 1/2 Tablespoons of olive oil in a large bowl, then season with salt and pepper. Brush the onions with the remaining oil and season with salt and pepper.
3. To assemble, in this order, thread the red pepper, onion, cube of meat, pineapple chunk, onto the bamboo skewers. Repeat this order one or two more times per skewer. Then insert slice of tomato on top part.
4.Light up the grill (charcoal or gas, whichever your preference). Grill the kebabs uncovered, turning and brushing with the extra marinated sauce for each kebabs  for every 2-3 minutes until the meat is cooked.
5. To assemble, put a whole cabbage in a clean serving pot, insert the kebabs on it.
6. To garnish,  just top the pot with slices of carrots, cabbage, onions and tomatoes and splash with lemon juice, if desired. Serve immediately.

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