Recipe Contest: Cooking Lesson With Nina

Yes, Nina and I are among the many winners of Ligo sardines recipe contest. I love this contest because this was also a good opportunity in teaching her on how to cook. I like joining in a foodie contest, not only because of the prize but, because we are also able to learn or gain something while doing our own entry.

Photo credits to Ligo Sardines
Our prizes from Ligo Sardines

Anyway, what I did was, I teach her, step by step on how to cook, “Sauteed Squash in Sotanghon ala Ligo Sardines”, our own entry recipe for Ligo Sardines recipe contest.

First, I told her to prepare and use the proper kitchen tools.
Then, I let her wash all the vegetables well.
And I teach her too, on how to slice the vegetables.
Then, with my guidance, I guided her slowly on how to cook our recipe.

During our cooking lesson, my sister took us a picture as our attachment to our recipe. And after that, we happily eat our recipe our meal of that day!

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