How many years passed, we’ve been always planning to travel together as a squad. But, we usually come out, divided… because our savings wasn’t good enough. Mostly, good for 4 lang ang okay para sa travel budget. Kase nga naman, meron din ibang pinag iipunan pa, kaya if not enough, some other time na lang. Ang bagsak, we just plan, plan, and plan! And, at the end, naging Leche Flan na ang travel goals namin to go out as a group. Hehehe!

But now……Naka ipon na sila or kami pala. How?

Akala nyo, Peso Sense no?

Well, they just simply keep on putting paper bill or coins in their plastic bottle bank. Nothing to shade,no particular value or amount, it’s just anything that will come as an extra money. And, in order that they will not open it, they just tell me to hide it. Until, they finally reach the amount they like to share for our travel goal.

Where did they get the money?

1. Selling plastic or glass bottles and cartons – Since we resides in an apartment area, I always remind them to go and ask the tenant if they would like to throw some recycled materials. Of course, we are not going to throw it, but rather collect and put them temporary in our recycled area and soon sell it.
2. Watering the plants of our neighbor – When our neighbor is out of the country or just out of town, they tell me to water their plants while they are still away. Sometimes the kids do it and they earn from it. Because if they come back, they give us money and kung minsan, may kasama pang chocolates. Well, watering the plants is not a heavy job for the kids, so why not, di ba?
3. Money gifts and Prizes – Last Christmas, they attended parties, luckily, they also received small amount of money from gifts and cash prize from winning in a contest. Then last Easter Day, they were invited to attend for Egg Hunting, luckily there are few bucks inside the eggs that they hunt.
4. Selling the Fruits of the Mango Tree – This year, was a fruitful year of the Mango tree in the backyard. Since the fruits are so high to reach, we decided to sell it to Mamang Namamakyaw ng Prutas. The price is right, so we had a good deal. This is something we can shoot in their bottle bank.
5. Halo-Halo Sales – They started selling Halo-Halo since the summer started, March 1 to be exact until now. The kids are helping Ate Karen by asking door to door in the apartment and take their orders. Honestly, because of the hot weather, mostly, the tenants are quite lazy to go out, but if you go and deliver their order, they love it. So, the kids are eager to take their orders. Of course they are gaining here, so they really love selling and eating too. Hehehe!

So that’s it for now! Wish us for our safe travel in Clark, Pampanga. They like kase to go to leisure park eh.

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